The History of Citrus Heights CA

Citrus Heights CA is a well-known city in Sacramento County, CA. Based from the 2010 census, this city had a population of about 83,301. This city is filled with historical facts that you need to learn and understand.

1844 – 1861

Early West Settlement

Throughout the Spanish influential period within the California region, the settlement was known to be limited to the narrow coastal strips along the El Camino Real with some isolated frontier outpost of the civilization. One outpost includes John Augustus Sutter state as well as Ranch of Del San Juan.

California Became a State

The treaty of the Guadalupe Hidalgo which was signed on February 1848. Discovery of some gold also happened, which was followed by the increase of the population territory. Townships were also established.

Beginning of the Township

The isolation of the central township ended abruptly in the year 1850. From the early spring up to the late fall, heavily freight wagons traversed the dusty road bounded to Auburn which led to several stations along the teamsters route.



Schoolhouse was built in the year 1862. The conviction of Thomas housed enough kids to justify the school district in Citrus Heights. When it was completed, it became civic, educational, religious and social center of the entire community.

Central Pacific Railroads

In the year 1864, it was approved that local farmers will have access from the Old Auburn Road to the eastern district part of Citrus Heights which is known as the Greenback Lane.

Early Settlers and Land Development

During the 1860s and 1870s, Corneilius Donahue settled in Citrus Heights. He established a ranch and expanded it to include lands housing the Birdcage shopping center and Sunrise Mall.


Great Depression

During the Great Depression, Citrus Heights was able to stop the fruit farming activity in the place because of winter freeze.

Business Development

The improvement on both the visitors and residents population in Citrus Heights led to many business opportunities in the place.

Community Activities

One of the commonly remembered activities in Citrus Heights is the Road Day that is celebrated annually. This kind of celebration allows families to help patch holes in country roads, clean ditches in drainage, plant trees and more.


Shopping Malls

In the year 1970, a rise in the number of shopping mall in Citrus Heights and collection of business and shops was observed.

Retail and Office Development

The growth retail and development center was also observed during the 1980s. This includes the Greenback and Sunrise commercial corridors along with other apartment houses and office buildings.

Planning and Growth

During the year 1974, the Citrus Heights community planning advisory council was updated to provide a community plan for all the people living in the place.

1994 – Present

Becoming Citrus Heights City

In the year 1994, right after the agreement, the effort to raise some funds for the payment of the EIR or Environmental Impact Report gained momentum. After a 12-year battle within the Sacramento County, Citrus Heights became a city. It was voted by all the residents in Citrus Heights to make it into a city in January 1, 1997. Click here for more information on Citrus Heights.