Fun Things to Do in Citrus Heights, CA

If you’re in need of the best place for a fun getaway, Citrus Heights CA is here to give what you’re looking for. Citrus Heights CA is considered to be the best place for people who want to have a fun and exciting experience in Sacramento county. There are so many fun things to do in this place and here are some of them.

Visit Corner Pocket Sport Bar

If you are going to Citrus Heights CA and you want to spend some good time with your friends, visit Corner Pocket Sport Bar. This is a place well-known for making different types of drinks in various styles. No matter what particular kind of drink you’re craving for, this place can whip up one for you. They also offer delicious foods.

Shop At Loree’s Little Shack on Greenback For Natives

For those who want to hang out with the locals, Loree’s Little Shack is perfect for you. It is a place where many Citrus Heights CA natives can be found.  It provides a relaxed and laid back atmosphere combined with great drinks and foods. Everyone in Loree’s is very friendly and you will be amazed seeing how they serve honey vibe in Mason jars.

Play at Stone Gambling Hall

If you visited Citrus Heights CA yet you couldn’t resist gambling, you can have it in this place specifically in Stone Gambling Hall. Foods served in this place are really amazing and you can also get the chance to eat some gourmet foods such as duck and truffle fries. There are also a lot of games for you to select from. This place offers a good range of some bet amounts, so you can always have the chance to gamble even if you have a limited budget at hand.

Watch Movie at Sunrise Mall

If you want to look for some activity which is family friendly, then heading to Sunrise Mall is a fun thing to do. One of the best highlight in this mall is their movie theater where you can see a clear picture of cool movies in intimate and small setting. It is considered to be the best place to go together with your friends and family since it is a cheap way to have fun without even breaking your wallet.

Walk and Play With Your Dog at C Bar C Dog Parks

This is completely different from other dog parks in California that you and your dog have visited before. This place provides a lot of facilities such as fountains and wading pools for your pet. If you will be visiting Citrus Heights CA during summer season or when the weather is warm, this place should be visited. This place gives you an exciting way to keep both you and your dog comfortable without any fear at all.

These are only some of the fun things to do in Citrus Heights CA. There are still a lot more that you can do when you visit this place for an exciting and amazing experience. Read up on concrete contractors here